“Test della personalità”:Come si tiene il telefono racconta la tua personalità

Ecco un interessante test di personalità basato sul linguaggio del corpo!

Hai mai pensato che il modo in cui tieni il tuo telefono possa dire molto sulla tua personalità? Gli esperti credono che sia vero, quindi facciamo il test e vediamo se l’analisi è corretta o meno. Devi solo scegliere il tuo modo preferito di tenere il telefono. Scorri verso il basso per vedere l’immagine e la relativa analisi!

Guarda l’immagine qui sotto e scegli come solitamente tieni il telefono!

Is the way you hold your phone one of these 4 images? Then scroll down to read the analysis of each position.

Position 1

Do you feel comfortable holding your phone with one hand, while using your thumb to scroll on your phone? This means you are a carefree, happy and self-assured person. You almost never complain about anything and accept whatever life gives you. You are self-confident and this quality helps you move ahead and succeed in your path.

Sometimes, if necessary, you are ready to take some risks and get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals and objectives. This quality is good to be successful in business and career. However, it does not lead to success in relationships. In relationships youa re cautious and take things slowly. This is why, your partner thinks you are not concerned in commitment.

Position 2

The second way of holding your phone shows that you are wise, intuitive and pragmatic. You can easily decode other people’s characters. Another important and interesting quality of yours is that you can avoid freud if you want to, but you need to pay closer attention to details. This is a great quality, which makes it easier for you to find the best partner for you on just one date. And as soon as you find your love of life, you stop taking things seriously. But always bear in mind, that haste leads to waste.

Position 3

If the 3rd position is how you hold your phone most of the time, then you are fast at analysing any situation and you come up with proper solutions to any challenge. You usually do not oppose things that happen naturally. You also have a diverse skill set, which helps you adapt to any environment. At parties you are an energetic and enjoyable person. You know how to be serious during academic debates, and carefree and playful with children. However, these characteristics do not make your dating life much easier. You still need to work hard and fight for the love of your chosen one.

Position 4

If oyu usually hold your phone like this, it means you have a vivid imagination and original ideas. People are mostly attracted to these qualities of your character. You can achieve great heights in painting or writing. Although you have an extroverted personality, you still enjoy isolation and need to re-charge yourself from time to time. You are shy in romantic relationships and expect your partner to make the first move. But this does not mean you aviod any kind of relationships. You partner will never leave you as soon as they recognize your fascinating nature.

Do you agree with this analysis? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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